Ownership of the Website

http://www.livingwelltech.com is the domain name that is solely owned and operated by the interior and digital design agency “Living Well Tech”. The website has been designed for assisting customers and clients in the US with their design requirements. The digital design firm can also make use its website platform for managing and monitoring its design service, promoting its marketing and promotional campaigns or for any other purpose, which “Living Well Tech” finds appropriate.

Mode of Payment for Design Services

‘Living Well Tech’ boasts of an assortment of payment options through its website. However, a user seeking design service on www.livingwelltech.com will be permitted to make payments only in the US currency that is “Dollar” in case the payments are made in cash. A customer or client shall also be eligible to make payment for the design service through credit or debit cards. The digital and interior design agency will notify service seekers about prospect payment methods if there come in place in the future.

Copyright & Trademark

Since www.livingwelltech.com is owned by the “Living Well Tech” it and its associates/partners expressly reserve all intellectual property rights in all text, content, imagery, products, programs, processes, technology, and other materials, that appear on the website. The website and the content put on it are not for commercial use and any other personal or non-commercial use is prohibited without prior consent from the website owner. This also prevents users from modifying website content for the sake of personal use and distributing online website data to the third party.

The name, logo, and the digital trademarks, which www.livingwelltech.com uses on the website, are the sole property of “Living Well Tech”. The information/content has been published on the website for the convenience of users and nothing on the website implies sponsorship and endorsement of the information to any third party player.

In Reference to the Website, You Agree and Confirm to the Following Terms:

• In case of non-delivery of our design service upon your mistake, the extra cost shall be incurred by www.livingwelltech.com for its design services;

• You will abide by the terms decided in the agreement and comply with other legal norms in place when engaged in service with us or when making payments for our design services;

• You will provide us with the right information to cater to you with our best design service;

• You are accessing the website at your own risk and you are making your decision to be in agreement with our service on your discretion;

No User is Entitled to Using the Website for the Purpose of

• Disseminating any harassing unlawful, libelous, abusive, harmful, libelous, threatening, obscene, vulgar, or otherwise objectionable material;

• Transmitting information or content that encourages misunderstanding about our design service;

• Interfering with other users’ data on the website and trying to gain unauthorized access of the same;

• Storing electronic copies of the content and materials of the website • Breaching any data privacy or any other law of the land;

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimers

“www.livingwelltech.com” is provided with no warranties or guarantees in reference to safe and secure website access. Thus, you undertake the risks associated with the safety and security of your information on the website.

Privacy Policy

Data collected through cookies, weblogs and other online sources will never be used without your explicit consent for any sort of purpose. In view of the principle of data privacy, we respect the privacy of our website visitors and service seekers.