Privacy Policy

We, at “Living Well Tech”, have declared our privacy policy in the following text that every user of our service and visitor of our website needs to go through before landing into a service agreement with us. The norms explained in the privacy policy are significant for those who visit our website just for exploring the range of our design services.

The digital and interior design agency shall always be committed to protecting the privacy of users and website visitors. Being an e-commerce vendor, we take responsibility to secure the privacy of users on our website. We are legally bound to keep users’ information confidential in every possible way just to prevent data misuse in the digital world.

What This Privacy Policy Means for “Living Well Tech” Users

With online data being significant in the digital universe, there have also arrived threats and risks to take unwanted benefit of users’ data. We have integrated our website with SSL security that establishes an encrypted link between the web server and browser to keep the data secure in the channel. Despite everything being safe and secure, we, being the website owner, are entitled to make use of users’ data for the sake of our service improvement. Thus, every norm of the privacy policy as stated below is equally significant for “Living Well Tech” and for the website visitors and service users.

How Users’ Data is Useful for Us

We collect data in different ways, e.g., cookies, weblog, and location history when someone visits our website. The data collected through the sources mentioned are useful for a website owner so is for us as it helps us maneuver our service offering in the line of customers and clients’ requirement.

We keep track of things that a user or website visitor goes through while exploring our website. It helps us understand customers’ behavior and define our services in the line of their preferences. It also gives us an insight into the necessary improvements that need to be made on our website for the ease of surfing. We collect data and we claim for the same; however, nothing allows us to make use of the users’ data for the sake of our benefit and that in an undesired and illegal manner.

Your Online Data Is In Safekeeping With Us

It has already been explained how ‘Living Well Tech’ collects data from various sources. Here we have one more thing to connote to our all valuable clients and customers in reference to the safety and security of their data. The thing is that your data that you knowingly or unknowingly leave on our website is always in our safekeeping. We understand how concerned you are about the privacy of your personal information. We, being the website owner, take note of it and ensure the utmost protection against fishing, web tracking, and other online data privacy threats.

Change is Evitable But Not So Often

Change is the course of life and we may change the norms of our privacy on our discretion or in the case the law if the land requires so. In the view of online data threats and increased risk to users' digital information, the government is concerned about the strict data privacy rules. If there comes any government ruling in place or upon the sole discretion of the “Living Well Tech”, norms of the privacy policy can be changed for the increased safety of users’ information and for the betterment of our service.